BlueChew Reviews : Is BlueChew the same as Viagra?


BlueChew Review

BlueChew Reviews : Is BlueChew the same as Viagra?

What Is BlueChew

BlueChew is a unique online service that provide men with chewable tablets that can boost their performance and confidence in bed and achieve the BETTER, LONGER & MORE INTENSE SEX desire. And if you can not measure up to her wants and your marriage can get sexually forestalled.

And the service has grown and has become a boon because of it addresses one of the major problems of men thereby giving them stronger and longer erections.

So, it objective is to eliminate the painful and expensive issues that are usually seen in traditional healthcare. And in fact, the service remains a supportive and convenient alternative.

Interestingly, each patient is reviewed by a licensed physician before treatment and their service is to give men monthly supply of chewable tablets that can embolden their sex life and provide other benefits too.

Also, what make BlueChew to be unique is that the service even goes as far as to offer a refund guarantee if their physicians are unable to prescribe a treatment which goes a long way to show it’s authenticity.

How Does This Service Work?

The service begins with a prescription. And to utilize this service, members will need one. But getting one is simple as one of the things that the service’s membership provides is a prescription for Sildenafil or Tadalafil. So, users can easily get one online, without needing to visit a doctor in person.

Interestingly, customers are provided professional medical support. And BlueChew is stand out as a service, when compare to many others, because it focus on providing customer-centric support.

Also, each patient treatment varies from one another, and each plan is customized to focus on what the patient needs.

And this male performance enhancement pills users can then get their supply of chewable tablets based on what BlueChew’s professional medical team analyzes.

Of course, you can also choose from a number of plans that are available. And every plan comes alongside with a digital physician consultation, like Rx-only chewable tablets and monthly refills.

Apart from the above, the service provides:

  • Prescription of Sildenafil or Tadalafil
  • Professional medical support
  • Freedom from waiting rooms and the hassles of setting up appointments
  • 45 MG Sildenafil or 9 MG Tadalafil chewable tablets

Also, chewable tablets monthly delivery takes the privacy of the users in consideration and if you subscribes to the BlueChew service, you will be asked to attend an online consultation with a medical professional for proper diagnoses of the symptoms

And they will recommend an appropriate tablet for you, because anyone can suffer from recurrent or temporary E.D.

Also, they even offer a money back guarantee in a situation where BlueChew’s available medical professional is unable to diagnose the symptoms.

So, this will enable you to receive reliable and safe set of chewable tablets each month, because this tablets are prescribed after a careful assessment by a professional.

Why Was This Service Made?

BlueChew service team decides to improve upon the current service delivery from medical facilities and systems in place in the US that are almost outdated.

Because, men feel use to go through various trials and tribulations before they can receive a proper assessment and prescription.

And they have to actually undergo a lot of stress and embarrassment and inconveniences through scheduled appointments and little discretion, apart from low self esteem they experience in bed.

As a result, the BlueChew professional team decided to create a reliable, safe and discrete service that answered the main problems of people with erectile dysfunction.

So, BlueChew links men in need of sexual stamina in bed with learned medical experts who can provide an accurate assessment of one’s health issues.

Also, Bluechew offers you with the same active ingredients as in Viagra™ and (tadalafil) for a fraction of the price! And is prescribed online and shipped to your door.

Furthermore, their service delivery is second to non. Because, one’s monthly sex pills are delivered to your home in a discrete manner, which reduces the usual troubles and issues that men have to undergo.

Benefits of Choosing BlueChew

  • BlueChew provides a customized chewable tablet that meets one’s needs and requirements based on their prescription. 
  • The team consists of physicians who’ve trained from a number of esteemed institutes. These include Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and the University of Chicago, among others.
  • It comes with money back guarantee to offer users a full refund (minus shipping costs), if requested within 30 days of the purchase date, which shows reliability to the entire service.
  • The product will give you long lasting and harder erections
  • Users can read testimonials from past users on BlueChew’s official website. Many have rated the service positively, citing it as the source of their returned confidence in bed.
  • Focuses on providing users with a lot of convenience. It saves members from having to schedule doctor’s appointments and waiting in rooms
  • The prices are considerably more affordable than alternatives.
  • These sexual enhancement products provide you with sex pills that are absolutely safe
  • BlueChew will help to combat erectile dysfunction (ED).

BlueChew Pills Side Effects

BlueChew is produce in the USA and its ingredients are natural, completely legit and it’s safe. And this male enhancement supplement has the same active ingredients as in Viagra™ (sildenafil)  and Cialis™ (tadalafil).

Although, BlueChew is safe and legit, there may still be the possibilities that some men might experience side effects such as:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Muscle pain
  • Back pain
  • Upset tummy
  • Flushing

And these are the side effects is common to any Viagra. So, to be on the safe side, you shouldn’t take BlueChew if you’re presently taking a medicine known as nitrates or if you’re actually allergic to Sildenafil.

Interestingly, Bluechew has new plans, and it is now available in 45MG for Sildenafil, and 9MG for the Tadalafil version.

Bluechew Costs

The team behind this best male enhancement pills 2020 offers a number of options, that give users with a different number of tablets at a unique price.

Choosing between each options largely depends on one’s needs, preferences and budget. The full list of options available is: a fraction of the price! Prescribed online and shipped to your door.


  • $20/Month – 6 Chewable Tablets
  • $30/Month – 10 Chewable Tablets
  • $50/Month – 17 Chewable Tablets (their most popular package)
  • $90/Month – 34 Chewable Tablets


  • $20/Month – 4 Chewable Tablets
  • $30/Month – 7 Chewable Tablets
  • $50/Month – 14 Chewable Tablets (their most popular package)
  • $90/Month – 28 Chewable Tablets

Where To Buy BluwChew?

This male enhancer pill is effective pill for combating erectile dysfunction. And chewable Viagra is a huge plus for you, because you can use a BlueChew coupon code to claim a 30-day bluechew free trial.

And if you’re looking for where to buy BlueChew, the you can visit the official website to place your order get your sex life back on track.

>> Visit BlueChew Official Website Here

BlueChew Reviews : Is BlueChew the same as Viagra?


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