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About US and How Health Facts Day Works

HealthFactsDay.com is a product review website which aims to introduce some much-needed honesty and transparency to the world of online reviews.

At HealthFactsDay.com, visitors will find detailed reviews of popular products currently available online. Those products come from categories like nutritional supplements, financial products, and online business ideas.

Unfortunately, these categories traditionally have more scams than other product categories. That’s why it’s so important to find a good source of unbiased online reviews.


Who Are We?

Health Facts Day aims to help customers differentiate between legitimate products and scams by providing intelligent, well-written reviews from real customers.

More importantly, Health Facts Day does this without being biased or favorable towards any products or companies. In fact, Health Facts Day doesn’t currently accept affiliate income from any company in exchange for favorable reviews – instead, it makes its money exclusively from AdSense revenue.

All of these traits have made Health Facts Day one of the best online sources for unbiased reviews.

Consumers Are More Likely To Leave A Negative Review Than A Positive Review

One of the key concepts behind Health Facts Day was that consumers are more likely to leave a negative review online than a positive review.

This skews reviews for virtually every product in the world. When people buy a product, and that product works exactly as they expected it to work, most people won’t leave a review.

But if people purchase a product and it doesn’t work, or there’s some minor problem with the product, they’re tempted to leave a negative review.

What some consumers see as “water under the bridge” may be a major issue for other consumers. As a result, even the best products have reviews which range from “Best product ever” to “Worst product I’ve ever purchased.”

This makes it difficult to distinguish the good products form the bad ones. Health Facts Day was founded on the principle of publishing all reviews – good and bad – about a particular product.


Transparency Is Key

Health Facts Day is possibly the most transparent review website on the internet today. In fact, Health Facts Day published a lengthy article explaining how the site works because it wanted to:

1) Provide complete transparency for “hundreds of thousands of monthly readers”

2) Give readers an in-depth perspective into how Health Facts Day operate

Ultimately, these two mission statements build trust between Health Facts Day and its audience. Trust is one of the rarest qualities to find on the internet today, but at Health Facts Day, the site aims to slowly build trust with all readers.

Health Facts Day is a company managed by Daniel Ferdinard Iyaogeh.

Whether you are looking for some beauty tips, weight loss secrets, makeup tricks, motivation, dating and relationship advice, homemade facial masks, smoothie recipes or, simply, you wonder what to wear today, HealthFactsDay.com is the right place to find out the answers!

At Health Facts Day you can get trustworthy and accurate information on food, diet, well-being, skin, beauty, weight loss, herbs, yoga. You will also be delighted to read all our reviews on various healthcare products. All content produced on this site is authentic and written by experts in a format that can be understood by lay people.

Our objective is to empower the readers with factual information about healthcare products, holistic treatments and therapies. In this modern world, we help people to live a stress free life. We thus endeavor to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Health Facts Day strives to be your trusted companion in providing you the most authentic news and reviews thus ensuring your well-being.

Our website is for informational purposes only. We are committed to providing our readers with relevant, accurate and credible information. Health Facts Day does NOT provide any kind of consultation and we urge people to consult their doctors for any treatment based on the news and reviews provided on this website – Kindly see our Disclaimer.

Feel free to explore the site and we are sure that you will find a lot of useful tips!

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Daniel Ferdinard Iyaogeh