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Why Am I Getting Skin Tags

Why Am I Getting Skin Tags

Are you asking Why Am I Getting Skin Tags? we often notice the sudden appearance of skin tags on our body. Skin tags occur as a result of extra cells grow in the top layers of the skin.

And skin tags usually develop when the skin rubs against itself, so are more common in people who are overweight and therefore have folds of skin.

So, they grow both in men and women and are more common in older people and people that are living with type 2 diabetes.

And skin tags are extremely common, occurring in approximately 50% of adults, but when should you worry about them or look into removal options? Skin tags are growths on the skin usually suspended on a slender stalk.

Also, skin tag consist of loose collagen (protein) fibres and blood vessels surrounded by skin. They’re quite common and harmless, and unlike, say, warts, are they are non-contagious. However, they can also be removed if you find them unsightly.

What Do Skin Tags Look Like?

Skin tags are small, soft, skin-coloured growths on your skin. They can vary in colour and size – from a few millimetres up to 5cm wide.

So, skin tags are usually found on the neck, armpits, around the groin, or under the breasts. They can also grow on the eyelids or under the folds of the buttocks.

They can look like warts, but skin tags are usually:

Smooth and soft (warts tend to be rougher with an irregular surface)

Knobbly and hang off the skin (warts are usually slightly raised or flat)

Not contagious (warts spread very easily, so a sudden outbreak or cluster of growths is more likely to be warts)

Skin tags do not usually cause any pain or discomfort and below are the reasons you are asking Why Am I Getting Skin Tags.

Why Am I Getting Skin Tags – What Causes Skin Tags?

The exact cause of skin tags is unknown. But, because they tend to grow at sites where the skin rubs against itself, they more commonly affect overweight people, who may have excess folds of skin skin folds and suffer from skin chafing.

Skin tags are made of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels surrounded by skin. Collagen is a type of protein found throughout the body. 

Both men and women can develop skin tags. They tend to occur in older people and people who are obese or have type 2 diabetes.

Pregnant women may also be more likely to develop skin tags as a result of changes in their hormone levels. Some people develop them for no apparent reason.

So, if you’re still asking Why Am I Getting Skin Tags, skin tags tend to grow in the skin folds, where the skin rubs against itself, such as on the neck, armpits or groin. This is why they tend to affect overweight people who have excess folds of skin and skin chafing.

When should I consider skin tag removal?

You may consider having skin tags removed if they’re affecting your self esteem, or if they snag on clothing or jewelry and bleed. You’ll usually need to pay to have this done privately.

A skin tag may become irritated if clothing rubs against it. In most cases, the growth usually does not grow back after it is removed. However, new skin tags or moles may form on other parts of the body.

Freezing or burning skin tags can cause irritation and temporary skin discoloration, and the skin tag may not fall off and further treatment may be needed.

Skin tag aren’t normally a red color and source of pain, but there are situations when they can feel very uncomfortable and painful.

So, what does it really mean when a skin tag hurts when you touch it? They usually only start to hurt ‘if’ they’ve become irritated or infected in some way.

How can I get a potent Skin Tag Removal Serum?

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And this best skin tags remover product is very effective and work almost instantly and can be use at the comfort of your home to overcome Why Am I Getting Skin Tags.

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