Eat Banana Black Spots: This Is What Happens To Your Body After Eating Bananas with Black Spots -You Will Be Surprised


What Happens With Your Body After Eating Bananas With Black Spots- Eat Banana Black Spots -You Will Be Surprised

Eat Banana Black Spots

Eat Banana Black Spots:

A lot of people love consuming bananas but they need to be aware about some things the next time they buy them. Read the text below and be careful the next time you eat this tropical, tasty fruit.

A completely ripe banana produces TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor)- substance which fights against abnormal cells.The more dark spots, eat banana black spots or patches a banana has the more ripe it is. Ripe banana is more beneficial for improving the immune system. Japanese scientists have also confirmed that TNF found in ripe bananas fight cancer in a way that it boosts the immunity. So with consuming or eat banana black spots certain diseases and tumors can be prevented.


It is also proven that the fruit content changes as it becomes riper. That is why as the banana is riper it becomes more yellow and the antioxidant level increases. In a ripe, with black spots banana the starch turns into sugar which is easier to digest.Eat Banana Black Spots:

Japanese scientists in their experiment have also found that the banana produces TNF (anti-cancer substance), increased number of white blood cells and improves the immune system. It is recommended to consume 1-2 bananas a day to boost the immunity.

Bananas with brown spots are proven to be healthier than the ones with green peel or the fresh ones with no patches or spots.

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Cancer cells can be defeated with the help of TNF. The impact that the banana has on the body is linked with the one of Lentinan which stimulates the immunity and is also known as anti –cancer agent. To conclude, ripe banana contains anti-cancer properties because it triggers the white blood cells formation and prevents cell mutations.

Skin Conditions

Even the banana’s skin has its uses. It is good for treating skin conditions like acne and psoriasis.

Rub the freshly peeled inside of the banana skin gently over the affected area and leave the residue to be absorbed. The fatty acid content of the banana skin helps relieve a variety of skin conditions, as well as having a strong moisturising effect. 

Note: In order to prevent vitamin loss, place the fully ripe bananas in a fridge or consume fresh bananas with dark spots immediately.



  1. Interesting banana information! I have always loved bananas and their health nutrition benefits, but the bananas with black spots I usually skip eating since I believed they’re close to rotting, but my belief was wrong all this time. Thanks for this!


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