Barx Buddy Reviews – Does Barq’s buddy really work or A Scam?


Barx Buddy Review

Barx Buddy Reviews – Does Barq's buddy really work or A Scam?

The Barx Buddy is one of the new innovative products used by many dog owners worldwide. And the BarxBuddy Training Device which is an ultrasonic dog whistle intended to be your solution for a dog that barks too much.

in fact, this best anti barking device is playing a vital role in the lives of people that have pet dogs in their house.

And the dog barking is a natural phenomenon that uses two settings to grab your dog’s attention, making it more versatile than a simple dog whistle.

Of course, we know that dogs bark anytime anywhere, even when there is a reason whereas mostly it happens without any compact reason, leaving you offensive and embarrassing.

Although, you may have been trying various tools to get your dogs’ attention in order to keep him stay quiet in places, like the thundercover dog tag silencer.

And all such devices ended up not achieving the aim, which has a tremendous impact on your psychological health as well as dogs.


But Barx Buddy will beat your imagination. As you will say goodbye to that Jingling, and silence noisy dog tags with this uniquely designed, durable silicone dog tag silencer.

All you have to do is to simply slide your dog tags in. And clear cover allows tags to remain visible and readable.

How To Use The BarxBuddy Training Device

Barx Buddy is committed to making affordable, effective, easy-to-use solutions for real problems faced by real pet families.

And this calming and walking innovations create functional solutions for common pet problems, and have already helped millions of families

So, the device is a handheld whistle which runs on a 9-volt battery. And it has two settings on it: sound, and sound and light.

And to activate these settings, you’ll press an “On” button that will emit an ultrasonic sound or sound and light up to around 49 feet away.

So, the sound setting is the first step in your training. So that whenever your dog barks, press the on button and the whistle will emit a sound you can’t hear but your dog can.

And the will sound get the attention and make the dog stop, and if the dog don’t respond to the sound alone, you will switch to sound and light and try again.

skin tag removal

So, when your dog stops barking, it’s advised that you give them a treat to affirm the behavior.

And try to use the BarxBuddy repeatedly until you notice that your dog has changed the barking behavior.

In fact, this dog device is a good relief for all dog owner with a pup that barks incessantly.

And if you’re having young children that take naps, roommates or easily annoyed neighbors, barking becomes even more of a problem.

So, this device gives you a good way to train your dog not to bark when they shouldn’t bark, thereby giving you innovation that Brings Peace.

Of course, now you can enjoy peace and quiet throughout the day without the constant jingling of dog tags.

While also getting the added benefit of a sound/light combination that is need for stubborner dogs.

Above all, this ultrasonic device doesn’t cause your dog any pain, thereby making it a gentler alternative to spanking your dog or using a bark collar that shocks them.

How Does BarxBuddy Work?

BarxBuddy is a compact device that has soft silicone pads tags like your TV remote, holding them tightly and preventing noise.

And is full of super amazing powers which can instantly divert your dogs focus from barking to the state of being hassle-free.

So, BarxBuddy work by creating a high-frequency sound as per the waves that have been declared at 130db.

And the lower button is the training button, and once you press it after turning on the device, and it starts to generate the ultrasonic sound.

Moreover, pressing the training button once your dog starts barking is all you need to do and ensure that you are nearby.

In fact, a flashing light is in-build in the device to grab your dog’s attention whereas the sound is just audible to the dogs not to humans.

Also, with an additional high power LED light option on the device, you can actually point the laser light at your stubborn dog to attract his attention.

And the ultrasonic waves will actually calm down your dog like magic, So, this Dog Tag Silencer is one of the most reliable dog training devices that is very effective, swift and has a non-violent nature.

Pro And Cos Of BarxBuddy

  • The cost is very much affordable
  • Prohibits the use of the collar
  • Results are immediate and efficient
  • No external installation required
  • Doesn’t hurt the dog at any cost
  • No extra purchases are demanded
  • Adequate at ever culture
  • Barx buddy is a one-stop solution tool for training dogs.


* You cannot buy it from local stores as it is only available online.

Where To Buy BarxBuddy?

The current Barxbuddy price is $39, and if you are looking for where to buy it now, you can order the device directly from the manufacturers website.


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